Elected Representatives

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US Senate
John Boozman
John Boozman · Republican
Mark Pryor
Mark Pryor · Democrat
US House of Representatives · Sort by district
Rick Crawford
Rick Crawford · Republican
District 1
Tim Griffin
Tim Griffin · Republican
District 2
Mike Ross
Mike Ross · Democrat
District 4
Steve Womack
Steve Womack · Republican
District 3
Mike Beebe
Mike Beebe · Democrat
Lieutenant Governor
Mark Darr
Mark Darr · Republican
Attorney General
Dustin McDaniel
Dustin McDaniel · Democrat
Secretary of State
Mark Martin
Mark Martin · Republican
Martha A. Shoffner
Martha A. Shoffner · Democrat
Charlie Daniels
Charlie Daniels · Democrat
Commissioner of State Lands
John M. Thurston
John M. Thurston · Republican
State Senate · 35 elected officials
State House of Representatives · 100 elected officials
Prosecuting Attorney · 28 elected officials
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
James Hannah · Non-partisan
Supreme Court Justice
Karen R. Baker
Robert L. Brown · Non-partisan
Donald L. Corbin · Non-partisan
Paul Danielson · Non-partisan
Jim Gunter · Non-partisan
Court of Appeals · Sort by district
Karen R. Baker · Non-partisan
District 2
Waymond M. Brown · Non-partisan
District 7
David "Mac" M. Glover · Non-partisan
District 4
Rita W. Gruber · Non-partisan
District 6
Courtney Hudson Henry · Non-partisan
District 3
D. P. Marshall · Non-partisan
District 1
John Mauzy Pittman · Non-partisan
District 1
John Robbins · Non-partisan
District 4
Larry D. Vaught · Non-partisan
District 6
Circuit Court Judge · Sort by district
Joanna Taylor
4th Judicial Circuit
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