Elected Representatives

North Carolina
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US Senate
Richard Burr
Richard Burr · Republican
Kay Hagan
Kay Hagan · Democrat
US House of Representatives · Sort by district
G.K. Butterfield
G.K. Butterfield · Democrat
District 1
Howard Coble
Howard Coble · Republican
District 6
Renee Ellmers
Renee Ellmers · Republican
District 2
Virginia Foxx
Virginia Foxx · Republican
District 5
Walter Beaman Jones
Walter Beaman Jones · Republican
District 3
Larry Kissell
Larry Kissell · Democrat
District 8
Patrick McHenry
Patrick McHenry · Republican
District 10
Mike McIntyre
Mike McIntyre · Democrat
District 7
Brad Miller
Brad Miller · Democrat
District 13
Sue Myrick
Sue Myrick · Republican
District 9
David Price
David Price · Democrat
District 4
Heath Shuler
Heath Shuler · Democrat
District 11
Mel Watt
Mel Watt · Democrat
District 12
Bev Perdue
Bev Perdue · Democrat
Lieutenant Governor
Walter Dalton
Walter Dalton · Democrat
Secretary of State
Attorney General
Commissioner of Agriculture
Commissioner of Insurance
Commissioner of Labor
Cherie Killian Berry
Superintendent of Public Instruction
State Senate · 50 elected officials
State House of Representatives · 120 elected officials
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Sarah Parker
Supreme Court Associate Justice
Robert H. Edmunds, Jr.
Robin E. Hudson
Barbara Jackson
Mark Martin
Paul M. Newby
Patricia Timmons-Goodson
Court of Appeals Judge · 16 elected officials
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